Walking pneumonia symptoms: an overview

Walking pneumonia symptoms: an overview

Walking pneumonia symptoms are very common. Walking pneumonia is actually the most common form of pneumonia. It is often referred to by Doctors and those in the medical field as atypical pneumonia. Pneumonia can be very dangers and even lethal. For most forms of pneumonia it is vital that you get to the hospital or the Doctors office as soon as possible to get checked out. With walking pneumonia most people do not even need to go to the hospital or Doctors office.

Walking pneumonia is definitely not enjoyable; however, walking pneumonia is not near as dangerous as other varieties of pneumonia; however, in older people it can be lethal. Here are some of walking pneumonia symptoms so you will know when you may be getting sick with it.

Severe Cough

If you get a severe cough and it is dry then you may have walking pneumonia. Generally someone with walking pneumonia will have strong coughs that are very dry with little to no mucus. The coughs can be painful and can even cause pain in your ribs and abdomen from the strength of the coughs.

Is It the Flu?

Many people think they may have come down with the flu. If you get walking pneumonia then you often will get flu-like symptoms such as a high fever. If you suspect you have the flu you need to look at all of the other symptoms and then make a judgment call as to whether you have the flu or walking pneumonia. If at any time you feel like you need medical help then immediately visit the Doctor regardless of whether you think you have walking pneumonia or the flu.

Throat Pain

A sore throat is one of the classic signs of walking pneumonia. A sore throat is often caused from 2 different angles. You will develop a sore throat from the walking pneumonia and you also can develop a sore throat from the severe coughing. If you have a sore throat from the walking pneumonia and are coughing a lot then you may experience a lot more pain than other people who also contract walking pneumonia.


A headache alone is not enough to diagnose a bout of walking pneumonia but when combined with the other walking pneumonia symptoms a headache can be a good sign that you are developing pneumonia.

Chronic Tiredness and Feeling Weak

Chronic tiredness is a strong indicator that you may be developing the walking pneumonia. If you are chronically tired, have a headache, a sore throat, and feel like you have the flu then there is a strong chance you have come down with the flu. If your body aches heavily and you have other symptoms then you may have a case of the walking pneumonia.

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