Bacterial Pneumonia: an Introduction

As performed in many medical dictionaries, bacterial pneumonia is an infection that caused by certain types of virus. If you are unlucky to experience bacterial pneumonia you will have to get acquainted with shortness of breath, coughing and other difficulties in breathing. Pneumonia appears to be a Greek word which means “lungs” and is likely […]

Bacterial Pneumonia in the Life of Children and Infants

Bacterial Pneumonia in the Life of Children and Infants

According to medical dictionaries, bacterial pneumonia is the disease caused by a virus. It is the so-called parenchymal tissue inflammation in the lungs. What is notable, the disease is likely to be experienced by infants and children. When we deal with statistics we notice about 34-40 cases per 1000 children every year. In order to […]

Bacterial Pneumonia and Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Besides children and adults who are 65 years old, there are people infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that belong to the high-risk group of bacterial pneumonia infection. Anyway the main risk factors for such pneumonia and the incidence in these people are still not discovered and defined. According to many investigations, it was […]

What Should We Do When Secondary Bacterial Pneumonia Followed Influenza?

What Should We Do When Secondary Bacterial Pneumonia Followed Influenza?

A serious forgotten problem such as secondary bacterial pneumonia that follows influenza is reemerging. There are many fatal cases that arise after frequent complications of influenza. Nowadays there are known many treatments that are not very effective activating immune system and causing inflammation in the lungs. An appropriate therapeutic approach should be formulated in order […]

How to Protect Yourself from Bacterial Pneumonia?

Everyone knows that it is very easy to come in contact with those people who are sick especially these days. There is one case that happened not so long ago in one family. The wife had a condition of chronic low blood platelets. Some time passed and her spleen was removed. It is known that […]

Bacterial Pneumonia Recovery Time

Bacterial Pneumonia Recovery Time

So, you wake up with the worst fever you have ever had. Not one symptom of the bug holds out, instead it’s more like a nightmare because these symptoms all seem to attack at around the same time. Now you know it’s time to go to the hospital and find out that it’s about. It’s […]

Bacterial Pneumonia Symptoms

Bacterial pneumonia is an infection of the lungs usually caused by bacteria. People with bacterial pneumonia will usually complain of mucus production, coughing, a steady shortness breath, and/or chest pain. Bacteria are kept from infecting a person’s lungs because the immune system fights it off from the lungs. In cases of bacterial pneumonia, bacteria can […]

Medical Procedures for Bacterial Pneumonia

There are many reasons you should call a doctor when you have bacterial pneumonia. These are reasons: • If you cough up green, yellow, or brown sputum or have a fever, you then should call and make an appointment to see your doctor. • You should seek fast emergency care if you ever feel like […]

The Catching, Prevention, and Prognosis of Bacterial Pneumonia

When breathing in small droplets or speckles that contain the organisms that can cause bacterial pneumonia are some of the pneumonia cases. An infected person with these germs can sneeze or cough, and the droplets from the coughing and sneezing get into the air. There are other cases of catching bacterial pneumonia. When presently in […]