How to Protect Yourself from Bacterial Pneumonia?

Everyone knows that it is very easy to come in contact with those people who are sick especially these days. There is one case that happened not so long ago in one family. The wife had a condition of chronic low blood platelets. Some time passed and her spleen was removed. It is known that the main function of the spleen in every organism is to help the body to fight with any kind of infection. Since that time the woman was less protected. For that reason the husband decided to opt a vaccine against pneumonia as the vaccination is considered to be also the most effective means from bacterial pneumonia.

Many people are highly recommended to get pneumococcal vaccination. This vaccination is a good method of precluding a particular type of lung infection that is usually produced with the help of Pneumococcus bacterium. In general there are more than 80 different serotypes of pneumococcus bacteria. And the above mentioned vaccination covers 23 of them. There is no problem for the rest of serotypes as the majority of infections are caused by these 23 types that the vaccine covers. The vaccine is injected into a body in order to help the organism simulate a good work of immune system so that it can create antibodies that will be able to prevent a person from Pneumococcus bacterium. Such method of simulation is called immunization.

There are certain groups of people who should consider pneumococcal vaccination as a recommended one. They are adults who are more than 65 years old, children between 2 months and 2 years old who have chronic heart or lung disorders, with spleen dysfunction or lack of an important spleen function, with immunosuppressant and metabolic diseases comprising diabetes, those people who are going to have a surgical operation on the removal of the spleen (2 weeks before the planned operation). There are interesting facts that some American Indian populations and Alaskan natives must also be vaccinated. Children up to 5 years old who didn’t receive the vaccination in earlier years should be vaccinated too.

It is not a surprise that many people who belong to a high-risk group do not get the vaccine when needed. Either they don’t know or they do not consider their case serious or perhaps they don’t even suspect that they are in a high-risk group. There are many different reasons. But still they have to understand that they can be hospitalized in case of serious problems and undergo many tests in order to verify the bacterial pneumonia infection.

Many people prefer to take antibiotics that are thought to be effective against pneumococcal bacteria but when the problem becomes life-threatening the vaccine is the only solution that can prevent a patient from fatal consequences.
Pneumonia can be caused by other microbes but not only by pneumococcus bacteria, therefore, the pneumococcal vaccination is not effective in these cases and will not protect from such situations.
Anyway take precautions and get a vaccine that protects against bacterial pneumonia.

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