Bacterial Pneumonia treatment? Where to start?

Bacterial Pneumonia treatment? Where to start?

Bacterial pneumonia is an illness that requires treatment and necessary care in order to prevent you from the spread of the illness and to make sure the immune system is in a good state. You may easily support the immune system by taking vitamins, such as different fruits, juices, certain elements. But make sure you are not allergic to some components of the food not to make the situation even worse.

Bacterial Pneumonia Treatment

In case a patient experiences coughing or fever, he or she has to perform an immediate check-up to make sure he does not experience bacterial pneumonia.
Still, if bacterial pneumonia takes place, certain course of antibiotics is prescribed to support the whole organism. The doctor will take a notice of your state; he will examine you carefully and decide what medicines will be good for you in this particular case. Usually, 5 or 10 days of biotherapy is quite enough for antibiotic therapy. But still there should be mentioned that such therapy is not suitable for everybody. That’s why a doctor first examines the patient to clarify the age, the signs and the symptoms. After this he will be able to define the diagnosis. Most specialists recommend a well-known antibiotic with bactericide effects on a great amount of bacteria. Bacterial pneumonia could be easily cured by most antibiotics. Though you have to remember that not all the antibiotics are suitable for the people of the elder age.

If somebody experiencing less severe cases he or she may be prescribed certain possible treatments such as Macolides (e.g. Biaxin, Biaxin XL), Tetracyclines (Doxycycline), Fluoroquinolones (Levaquin or Avelox). If hospital care is required then the mentioned antibiotics could be added as additional medicines. But sever cases of pneumonia could be treated with the help of Cephalosporines (e.g. Ceclor or Duricef), Penicilin(e.g. Augumentin) and Vancomycin. An antibiotic class called Ketolides may be helpful for treating moderate pneumonia.

The results of bacterial pneumonia treatment are to be seen in 2-3 days after the beginning of the course. Maybe additional bacterial culture and testing will be needed. However, some tests will let the doctor determine if you organism has developed a kind of resistance to the particular antibiotic.
It should be necessarily mentioned that people of 65 years may experience bacterial pneumonia as a result of some other illnesses (such as kidney, for example). Moreover, people of this age are not able to take antibiotics because of the increased sensitivity their organism performs. Due to this fact, in case of bacterial pneumonia, hospitalization is required.

Bacterial Pneumonia treatment

Bacterial pneumonia may also be caused by viruses causing the flu or the varicella-zoster virus causing chicken-pox. Viral types of pneumonia could be treated by home stay and care. Such pneumonia causes are to be cured by Acyclovir.
Sometimes, if the case is not severe, hospitalization is not needed but you still have to identify the bacteria responsible for the pneumonia. Naturally, additional testing will be performed in order to get all the necessary information.

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