Is Bacterial Pneumonia Contagious?

Is Bacterial Pneumonia Contagious?

Is Bacterial Pneumonia Contagious?

While bacterial pneumonias aren’t quite as contagious as viral pneumonias, they still pose a significant health risk to communities. Each year in the United States, approximately 1 million people get sick from pneumonia. It’s mostly spread from person to person contact, as well as infected personal items. Bacterial pneumonia is one of the most infectious strains of bacteria we know of, and can do a lot of damage if left unchecked.

Surprisingly enough, only 63% of U.S. adults have ever received a pneumonia vaccination. Vaccination can keep you safe from from pneumonia infection in roughly 60-70% of cases. With so many people falling victim to pneumonia infection each year, it makes sense to get vaccinated.

And it’s surprising! Pneumonia is such a weak strain of bacteria, and so easy to kill, that it’s ability to prevail in society is disturbing.

But If Pneumonia Is So Weak, How Does It Survive?

First off, to understand how pneumonia works, you have to understand how it flourishes. Pneumonia loves damp, dirty environments, devoid of fresh air. Thusly, people who don’t keep their homes clean, have poor hygiene and health habits, or otherwise “play into the hand of pneumonia”, will obviously be more at risk for infection. Pneumonia seems to stick around because society is so filthy. Our living and business environments are often mind bogglingly DIRTY!

With a simple round of antibiotics, a careful diet, and a clean environment, pneumonia will subside within a few weeks of treatment. And health conscious people who take good care of themselves rarely fall victim to pneumonia because their immune systems are strong enough to fight it off.

And, like any bacteria in our population, pneumonia DOES serves a genuinely helpful purpose. While it may seem sick and perverted, pneumonia is Natures Way of eliminating the weak and the sick from our population. And it’s not just human beings that “fall ill” with pneumonia, nearly the entire animal kingdom can become infected with pneumonia as well.

Additional Ways To Safeguard Yourself From Pneumonia

Health ignorance is one of the biggest offenders in the fight to prevent infectious disease. For example, the National Sleep Foundation recommends 8 hours of sleep per day. Many Americans neglect their sleeping habits and don’t get that much! Getting proper sleep can helps to reduce your risk of infection.

Another good example is fruit and vegetable intake. The National Dietary Guidelines For Americans states that we should be consuming between 5 and 13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Most Americans don’t consume nearly enough!

And how often do you hear about people keeping a properly clean household? Sure, wiping off a counter or two helps, but many people are guilty of leaving their carpets extremely filthy. You wouldn’t believe the filth that comes out of some peoples carpets!

Getting enough exercise everyday is important as well, as is proper hygiene. And you might be able to get by in society “cutting corners” in your dietary and lifestyle habits, but do you really want to be taking those chances?

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